About KSA

21st Century History
  • 11month 2020year

    Changed the date of foundation to April 20, 1954

  • 02month 2013year

    Held the Hae-woon Building Opening ceremony

  • 05month 2012year

    Participatied in International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012

  • 02month 2012year

    Pohang Council established

  • 06month 2010year

    The 50th Anniversary commemoration of KSA

  • 07month 2009year

    Joined International Chamber of Shipping

  • 11month 2007year

    Joined BIMCO as a Club member

  • 03month 2002year

    Busan branch office opened

  • 04month 2001year

    Kwangyang Council established

20st Century History
  • 01month 1998year

    Closed down Busan branch and London office

  • 11month 1995year

    London office opened

  • 02month 1990year

    Maritime Safety Research Center established

  • 02month 1988year

    Korea Marine Pollution Response Center opened

  • 04month 1986year

    Korea Nearsea Freight Conference established

  • 08month 1980year

    Joined International Shipping Federation

  • 04month 1975year

    Incheon Council established

  • 08month 1974year

    Busan Council established

  • 04month 1954year

    Korea Shipowner's Association established